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We were supplying colored and metallized PVC vinyl to manufacturers of parade float kits and components. They processed the film into artificial floral sheeting and fringe, used to decorate floats globally. The source of supply was European, with high minimum quantities. When the US dollar began to drop in value versus the Euro currency at that time, prices rose and threatened to drive costs higher than the market could bear.

As a solution, we sourced a single Chinese factory that could economically make all the films required, and for smaller minimum quantities. After a rigorous qualification process, we made the switch. By shipping directly to our customers, we were able to save them enough money not only to remain competitive, but to offer their wares into new markets theretofore unimagined.

Through our efforts, both sales and profits grew for our clients.

A company that sells festive party accessories wanted to produce its own version of a popular decoration, a 28-inch tall molded acrylic display unit in the shape of a martini glass. Provided with a preliminary design and specification, Kassel Imports and Bestmak International Inc. interpreted the customer’s wishes, suggested design changes, and solicited certification that the product was food-safe, before locating and contracting with a China-based factory that turned the design into a finished CAD-drawing for a three-part assembly.

Once the client had inspected a prototype for shape, clarity, brand mark, and ease of assembly, Kassel Imports kept close tabs throughout the actual production run to ensure that all specifications were adhered to. The client received a truckload of giant martini glasses six months after initially contacting us with this project. By successfully sourcing production to China, the client was able to reduce its per-unit cost by approximately 50 percent compared with purchasing from its past distributor.

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A Fortune 500 adhesives manufacturer came to us to source thin-gauge vinyl which they could not manufacture themselves, for several specialty adhesive tapes.

Despite its global reach and enormous resources, this company contracted with us to obtain these needed films, including working through two re-qualifications due to unexpected sourcing changes. Kassel Imports deep contacts and ability to pivot when needed brought value well beyond what the company could accomplish on its own.

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