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5 Tips for Better Product Outsourcing

  1. Use multiple criteria:
    Before choosing a supplying factory it is best not to buy on price only, especially with a contact you’ve only “met” on-line and who says “yes” to all requests. At KI, we solicit multiple suppliers and then break down the appeal of their offerings beyond just “do they appear to be able to make it?”: by location, prior experience exporting, communication skills, factory vs. trading company, quality of sampling, a personal visit to the manufacturing site and finally an intuitive feel for the company, based on our years of experience.
  2. Take nothing for granted:
    Think about all that could go wrong at the manufacturing and packaging stage, and do all you can to foresee and forestall that. Even if the factory has supplied prior orders in a satisfactory manner, it is best not to assume the best going forward. KI conducts a thorough interview with our customers, to learn design nuances and quality expectations; then communicates and verifies that those parameters are met, every time.
  3. Don’t take “yes” for an answer:
    In discussions with Chinese manufacturing, be sure to question not only any negative responses, but as importantly the affirmative answers you may receive. There can be a reluctance to say “no”, which can lead to unexpected and unhappy differences when the order is produced and received. At KI, we enjoy the partnership of an independent Chinese partner to vet, visit, and determine the viability of potential sources and industrial capabilities.
  4. Anticipation is a key to efficiency:
    Anticipation will save you time and money over the short and long run. Anticipate the next question to be answered, the next problem that can be avoided, the next improvement you will want to see in development. Our attention to detail, interest in our customers’ products, thirst for knowledge (as opposed to happy ignorance) all contribute to a faster, more-streamlined, and more predictable process.
  5. Building relationships:
    If you are making a one-time buy, of an existing off-the-shelf product, you might be able to take short cuts and accept a certain amount of risk. But for the long-term product lifespan, you will want to build a lasting bond with trusted agents and factories. Kassel Imports, over three generations, is most interested in lifetime customers who come to look at us as extensions of their companies, and who will benefit only if you the customer benefits as well from the repeated transactions. Likewise, we strive to create the same bonds with our chosen suppliers.

I have a small company that makes lamp shades for a niche market and I recently lost a major supplier of the material I need to make my biggest product line. In my search to source a new supplier I found your company in addition to many other leads. It was interesting and very disappointing to me the response I received in my research from nearly every contact I made with the exception of you. Most companies seemed unwilling to put forth any effort in research or even return phone calls.

I received an immediate response from you and hoped that you would be able to help me replace the material I needed to keep my business operating. Within a week from our first contact you were on a plane overseas, my need was a small consideration in your overall trip, yet you made me feel that you were giving it your full attention. I am also thankful to have found you, you were just the right person, with the appropriate contacts to find the product I need. In this day and age it is rare to find a company that works for you and your needs I found you to be that rare treasure. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the helpful and caring person you are and the manner in which you run your company, it not only brings results but a relationship.

– With Great Appreciation, Debbie Bernhardt, Shades of Nature
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