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Decorative Vinyl Films and Vinyl Plastic ProductsA third-generation business, Kassel Imports played an early and key role in the use and supply of Decorative Vinyl Films and Vinyl Products in the decorative market in North America. We continue to supply manufacturers of holiday decorations, artificial trees and wreaths, store displays, parade floats and other all use vinyl plastic products. Because of our vast experience, customers partner with Kassel Imports for the best solutions in vinyl films and vinyl products.

Customers come to us when  they are looking for a vinyl product which is colorful, shiny, glitzy, or eye-catching. This is because our manufacturers offer the most creative vinyl product offerings. All of our vinyl products are customized to meet your specific needs. Kassel Imports sell to converters and manufacturers of finished products. We also can source finished consumer products for the decorative and other markets.

Custom Manufacturer of Decorative Vinyl Films

Our converter/manufacturer clients ask us to make their needed products according to detailed specifications, including::

  • Solid colors
  • Metallic effects, which as silver or gold
  • Holographic / diffraction embossings
  • Shiny or matte surfaces
  • Mechanically embossed surfaces
  • Iridescent effects
  • Laminations with other films
  • Prints, such as rainbow stripes, camouflage, snowflake dots, etc. Custom prints to fit your needs

Vinyl PVC has many advantages. First of all,  vinyl PVC is cost-effective and provides value. In addition, it is inherently fire-retardant, which is an important safety requirement for many end uses. Also vinyl PVC is chemically stable as well as being printable. Vinyl PVC can also be metallized to produce a  shiny and reflective surface. This is of value in both thin and thick configurations. Furthermore, it is shelf-stable. Kassel Imports offer low minimums in an almost infinite variety of colors. In addition, we have many surfaces types available. Our Vinyl Films can also be color-coated or laminated. As a result, dazzling visual effects can be produced.  Iridescent, holographic, and embossings are just a few of the effects possible.

Need Other Plastic Films?

Sometimes there are end-uses which film from another resin is needed or preferred. These uses include:

  • MOPP polypropylene for ribbons and bows
  • PET polyester for thinner gauges, higher reflectivity;
  • APET polyester as substitute for PVC in packaging
  • PE polyethylene to be flocked, for example.

Since we source these films as well, it is always our intention to offer what works for our clients.We will always seek to find the best solution. This is done regardless of the base product or raw material used.

Here are some of the consumer products which are made with our PVC Vinyl Films and other plastic films we supply:

  • Artificial Christmas Trees and Wreaths
  • Holiday / Seasonal Garland
  • Floral Sheeting, Curtains, Fringe for Parade Floats
  • Labels and Decals
  • Sequins and Glitter
  • Confetti and Streamers
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Gift Wrap and Tissue sheets
  • Gift and Holiday Bows and Ribbons
  • Decorative Display
  • Pom Poms and Shakers

Kassel Imports, a third-generation business, has years of experience and knowledge of Decorative Vinyl Films. As a result, we can suggest the best solutions for each customer. Finally, our connections and relationships help us find the best sources for your Decorative Vinyl Films needs. Contact us today with questions about your Vinyl Film needs.

  • Rigid PVC
    .8 MIL To 30 MIL
    Clear, Colors, Matte, Embossed, UV-Protected
  • Metallic Films
    .5 MIL To 8 MIL
    Metallized, color-coated, Embossed PVC, PET
  • Film Laminates
    1.4 MIL to 8 MIL
    PVC/PVC, foam PP/PET
  • Iridescent
    .7 MIL to 8 MIL
    PET, PP, Paper Laminates
  • Holographic
    .5 MIL to 8 MIL
    PVC, PET, OPP, Paper; Silver, Colors, Laminates
Some of the end-uses into which the Film Products are converted are:
  • Artificial Christmas Trees & Foliage
  • Holiday Garland
  • Floral Sheeting
  • Labels & Decals
  • Sequins & Glitter
  • Confetti & Streamers
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Gift Wrap
  • Bows & Ribbons
  • Decorative Display
  • Pom Poms and Shakers
  • Decorative Curtains and Fringe
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