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Disposable Wipe Manufacturers since 2007

Kassel Imports offers an extensive product line of private label wet wipes and dry disposable wipes. We sell  to wipes distributors and retail chains.

disposable wipe manufacturersUnlike other disposable wipe manufacturers, at Kassel Imports each disposable wipes order we manufacture is made our customers’ exact product specifications and packaging requirements. We offer custom wipes and packaging solutions. Each wipe product is tailored to your exact needs. For example, our company sells an extensive line of canisters, flow packs, tubs, as well as small and large count rolls.

Private label disposable wipe manufacturing is our specialty!

We Manufacture Disposable Wipes For The Following Areas:

  • Hospitality and Healthcare
  • Household & Workplace
  • Personal Care
  • Automotive / Recreation

Disposable Wipe Manufacturers for Hospitality and Healthcare Markets manufacture:

  • Restaurant wipes for hands, surfaces, counters, equipment, cashiers
  • Supermarkets, for carts and food prep surfaces
  • Sanitary wipes for schools, universities, convention centers
  • Foodservice institutions, food trucks, carts
  • Anti-bacterial Sanitizing wipes for clinics, medical offices, hospitals

Household and Workplace wipes include:

  • Kitchen counter wipes
  • Bathroom wipes
  • Glass surface cleaning wipes
  • Dry and wet floor wipes
  • Dusters and duster refills
  • Anti-bacterial surface wipes
  • Shoe-shine wipes
  • Sports equipment cleaning wipes
  • Wipes for Childcare and Eldercare Facilities
  • Tattoo studios wipes
  • Janitorial supply wipes

Personal Care wipes we offer include:

  • Baby wipes: Typically sold in plastic tubs or refill packs, which keep the wipe cloths moist.
  • Wipes for Elder Care
  • Adult bath body wipes
  • Pet Wipes for cleanup of and after your pet
  • Make up remover
  • Nail polish remover
  • Sunscreen application
  • Insect-repellent application

Automotive and Recreational Uses for Wipes:

  • Vinyl and leather surface wipes
  • Glass surface wipes
  • Tire and wheel cleaners
  • Fitness and exercise equipment
  • Athletic body wipes
  • Yoga Studios for mats
  • Boats and RVs
  • Taxi / limo services

KASSEL IMPORTS specializes in manufacturing various single-use disposable wipe products. In addition, we supply these wipes as full and/or mixed truck-loads.

Call us today! Discover how KASSEL IMPORTS can produce high quality private label disposable wipes for your company.

Our disposable wipes are targeted in a wide variety of end-uses:

Anti-bacterial wipes

  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Wet and dry floor wipes
  • Industrial wipes
  • Cart wipes
  • Household Cleaning wipes
  • Pet wipes
  • Automotive wipes
  • Computer wipes
  • Dusters
  • Eyeglass wipes
  • Gym wipes
  • Furniture wipes
  • Glass wipes

Why Use Kassel Imports as your Contract Wet Wipe Manufacturer?

First of all, Kassel Imports is prepared to tailor all our disposable wipe products. Furthermore, we meet all your product requirements  as well as those of your clientele. Another reason to hire Kassel Imports is that offer private labeling which helps to  build YOUR brand. As a result, we facilitate loyalty and repeat-business. Finally, our direct-from-factory supply line will ensure you remain competitive in your markets. In conclusion, we are a trusted, third-generation business focused on private label manufacturing of disposable wipes.

Contact us to quote on contract manufacturing of wet wipes and disposable wipes today!

Our private label disposable wipes are used for a wide variety of uses:

• Sanitizing wipes
• Baby wipes
• Wet and dry floor wipes
• Industrial wipes
• Cart wipes
• Every day cleaning wipes, glass, furniture
• Pet wipes
• Automotive wipes
• Computer wipes
• Dusters
• Eyeglass wipes

We specialize in supplying mixed containers of various single-use disposable wipes products.

Call us today to discuss how Kassel Imports can manufacture private label wipes your company

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